Trying to look like a standard blog

December 30, 2012 - by crooney

If you look at blogs generated by hakyll you’ll find that practically all of them follow a similar pattern to the example blogs on the hakyll site: the titles of the most recent posts as links on the home page as well as a link to All Posts. Sometimes they use the description field to add, well, a description. But this isn’t the way most blogs in the wild (e.g. wordpress, blogger) work; rather, they have the first one or two paragraphs followed by a jump or “read more”.

I wanted to get this working for hakyll.


December 29, 2012 - by crooney

A standard welcometotheblog post, which I am mainly putting up to test things going live. I’m building this site with a static site generator called hakyll, which uses a programming laguage called haskell. So how’s it going so far?

All posts…

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If you are using Firefox and the site looks like crap, it's because the Access-Control-Allow-Origin header from Google Web Fonts is being stripped somewhere before reaching you. If you are using IE, don't.


crooney (Chris Rooney), seen here in his usual environs, is learning Haskell and has gone to these moderate lengths to keep you abreast of progress made.


Site generated by hakyll, using the Haskell programming language.

Color scheme happily appropriated from { design seeds }.

The scant design in evidence made possible by blueprint and sass.

Source for the entire site, including hakyll.hs, avilable at github.

Photo by the Eleanor Tsang.